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Another  great workout! This time Cassey does Little Mix’s “Wings”:)

Workout to “Live While We’re Young” by One Direction:)

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'How to get legs like Eleanor Calder'


Healthy Hair is Beautiful Hair! Here’s how to keep your hair both:)


It is super important to be careful when you use heat (straighteners, blow-dryer, etc.), make sure you use heat protectant.

  • For people who like to blow-dry their hair, look for a wet-hair heat protectant.
  • If it’s just for using an iron of some sort, a regular spray-type heat protectant is what you need to look for!

How To Avoid Balding

  • Don’t wash your hair everyday! This can make your hair oily & greasy sometimes (depending on your hair type) & can result in balding, I suggest investing in a showercap— don’t stoop showering!;)
  • Make sure the water pressure of your shower head isn’t too rough. If the water comes out hard this can damage your hair.
  • Do not put your hair in tight ponytails too often. If you usually put your hair in tight ponytails this can result in balding in the front— it’s a habit that is good to break as soon as possible!

Other Tips!

  • Use Morracan oil. This helps to keep your hair shiny, soft, and healthy! Look for shampoos that have morracan oil as an ingredient.
  • Get a trim! There’s a myth that this can help your hair grow faster, but no one know’s for sure. However, getting rid of split ends can do wonders for your hair!
  • Use conditioner after shampoo. If you don’t already, you need to! It’s one of the easiest ways to start having healthy hair.
  • Use shampoo & conditioner for your hair type! If you don’t, then it will not give your hair the proper things it needs to keep it healthy & beautiful.
  • Always comb your hair out when wet— don’t use a a brush! When you use a brush on wet hair, it damages the hair folicles and breaks them down… that is not a good thing.

And as always, keep a healthy lifestyle! Having a good diet, drinking lots of water, staying clean & excercsing is the basis of beautiful, healthy hair. This is most important because this is wear ou hair, and body for that matter, get the primary nutrients that all hair needs.:)

Hope this helped!


I just did the What Makes You BOOTYful Butt Challenge, Abs All Night Challenge, Drive By Inner Thighs Challenge, and the Want U Back Arms Challenge……KILL ME NOW


Eleanor Calder does the Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge :)

What Makes You BOOTYful Challenge! GET THAT BUTT YOU WANT! xo-Sarah

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(via 100pounds100days)