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what are your instagrams?

um, mine is here: @freetobe_T http://instagram.com/freetobe_t

hopefully the other girls will add theirs! 


If you love 5th Harmony, click!

inspired demi lovato please?

I’m working my hardest to put it up! I’m so sorry but my computer is freaking mess. I’m very sorry for the wait but hopefully it will be up shortly! :)


please watch.

I feel like this is something a lot of young girls, & just any girl of any age should watch. This message is beautiful & should be shared.


Hey there :) im wondering what style of clothing can i pair up with an orange combat shoes :) dont know what to do need your help thanks Xoxo :*

Hi! It honestly depends on what kind of look you’re going for & what your personal style is. If you’re trying to girl it up a bit, I would wear a nice sun dress. I think floral & blue just go really well with orange, idk. If you don’t really want to wear a dress, I would wear some tan or khaki shorts with a nice tank top or something summer-y!

I hope this helped:)


Do You Want Me To Follow You?


It’s pretty simple! All you have to do is follow me on twitter & then put your twitter handle below so I can check! I will be following everyone on tumblr who does this! If you want me to follow you on twitter or promote you, then reblog this and/or tell your followers to follow me on twitter! Pretty simple:) 



Hey im going to forever 21, aeropostal, wet seal, and American eagle and its winter should i start buying warm weather clothes? Im in utah btw! Also what do you recommend me getting?

ahh I love those stores! & yes I think it would be great to start getting some warm weather staple pieces. Look out of wrap headbands, clothes with lace detailing (like shorts, dresses, it doesn’t have to be anything major!), alwaysss cropped tops, heart/aviator sunglasses, lace shorts, high-waisted shorts, bandeau tops & sundresses. Since in spring & summer you’re not covering up your arms & such with sleeves it’s always a good idea to get bracelets (or anklets) and stack them! Also look out for items with pastel colors that really make you look full of spring (see what I did there?)! 

@F21 make sure you always check out their accessories! 

@ Wet Seal you should check out their dresses, tops, & graphic tees.

Hope this helped! 


MacBarbie07: “The Carrie Diaries Inspired Outfits + DIY Carrie Purse!

Honestly, I’m IN LOVE with this show! :) x

hahah omg no we are friends i love her !! hehe p.s. i love this tumblr

I know exactly who this is hahahah don’t worry taylor! ahah xxx sarahh

lol it was a joke, clearly you aren't sarah haha

omg, okay I didn’t know if it was like a friend of hers or someone just being plain rude. Sorry if I overreacted! xxx